Cabo San Lucas Weather: What to Expect and When to Go

If you’re looking for perfect weather, Cabo San Lucas is the right place.  With an average of 300-350 days a year of sunshine, Cabo San Lucas is known for its mild, sunny, spring- and summer-like weather all year round.  If you’re planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas in the near future, here’s what to expect from the weather.

In the fall.  The Cabo San Lucas tourist season begins in October.  In the fall, expect highs from 94° Fahrenheit in September to around 83° Fahrenheit in November.   Lows will range from 75° Fahrenheit in September to 63° in November.  The weather this time of year is generally sunny, although there may be some occasional rain.  The weather in Cabo San Lucas is usually hot towards the start of fall, with a rather abrupt cooling around October. Bring a light sweater or coat for evenings and cooler days toward the end of the autumn season.

In the winter.  The average highs for winter climb to around 77° Fahrenheit, while the lows sink to the mid-fifties.  Winter weather is mostly sunny, dry, and mild.  Temperatures at night can sometimes drop to the 40’s or even the 30’s, so be prepared with clothing appropriate to the temperature if you’re going during the winter months.  There is often a cool Pacific breeze during this time of year; don’t expect hot or muggy weather.

In the spring.  The spring has the driest weather in Cabo San Lucas.  It’s common for no rainfall to occur at all between March and June.  The temperatures rise very gradually between winter and spring.  Highs will generally be in the 80’s, with lows around the 50’s or 60’s.

In the summer.  Summer is the off-season for tourists in Cabo San Lucas, and it does get hot during this time.  Average highs are around 90° Fahrenheit, but it isn’t unusual to see 100° or even 110° days.

Late summer also brings some rain; while hurricanes rarely hit Los Cabos directly, the area does experience the effects of the tropical storm season to the south with heavy rain and thunderstorms during this time.  While rainstorms usually don’t last long, they are often intense.   The rainfall stirs up nutrients in the ocean, however, which attracts fish.  That’s why many fishing enthusiasts come to Cabo San Lucas in the off-season.

As for the ocean, the average temperature in the Sea of Cortes is around 75° Fahrenheit, with the Pacific around 10° cooler on average.   Seas can get a bit chilly in the winter, dropping to the 60’s, and in the summer they can rise into the 90’s.  Most of the time, the Sea of Cortes is warm enough for swimming.

The weather in Cabo San Lucas is beautiful and mild most of the year – not too hot, and not too cold.  Be sure to check current weather advisories before leaving on your next vacation, however, so you can plan accordingly.

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