Cabo San Lucas Travel Tips and Advice

If you’re planning to travel to Cabo San Lucas, it helps to know a few things about the area before you go.  Here are some general travel tips for tourists.

Mexico’s entry requirements.   To travel in Mexico, you need to get a Tourist Card.  You’ll need proof of citizenship and a photo ID to get one.  Proof of citizenship includes a passport or a certified copy – not an ordinary photocopy – of your birth certificate, a Certificate of Citizenship, a Naturalization Certificate, or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.  Although these last four are technically accepted, it may be more difficult to cross the border without a U.S. passport.
Tourist Cards are not issued at all border checkpoints – they’re offered at immigration stations within the country. If you’re crossing by car, ask where to get a Tourist Card. If you miss it at the border, you can get one at the Immigration Office in Cabo San Lucas.

Starting in January 2007, you’ll need a valid passport to travel in Mexico.

Don’t drink the water. It is not recommended to drink unfiltered tapwater in Cabo San Lucas.  Just to be safe, ask for bottled water and be wary of drinks with ice cubes.

The money situation.  The currency of Cabo San Lucas is the Mexican Peso.  Many bars and shops will accept American dollars, but beware: you won’t get a good exchange rate this way and will most likely pay more than you should.

You can exchange American dollars for pesos at banks, hotels, and exchange booths.  Expect a slightly better exchange rate at booths than anywhere else – but expect a long line, as well.  Some do not accept travelers’ checks, so make sure to ask before getting in line.

Relying on credit cards isn’t advisable – many stores and restaurants won’t accept them.  It’s best to use bank ATM’s to get Mexican pesos; the exchange rate is the same as that in Mexico City.  There may be an ATM fee, but it will definitely be lower than the price charged at an exchange booth.

What is the weather like? The weather is generally warm and sunny.  If you’re there in the winter months, you may experience cooler weather – 70° or below during the day, and 50° or 60° at night.  Even during the hot summer months, you may need a light sweater in the evenings.  Be sure to bring something to keep you warm at nighttime, especially if you get cold easily.

Medical care in Los Cabos.  While there are dental and medical facilities in Cabo San Lucas, they are not as state-of-the-art as what you’ll find in America.  The main hospital in Cabo San Lucas is not equipped for serious trauma.  Before you travel to Cabo San Lucas, ask your health insurance carrier about coverage for overseas medical expenses.  You may need to buy travel medical insurance along with travelers’ insurance.

Cabo San Lucas may be a growing tourist destination, but it’s still a foreign country.  Make sure you learn all you can about the conditions in the area before going, and your trip will go more smoothly.

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